Meet the New Economy, Same as the Old Economy

Posted by Christopher Geehern on Feb 8, 2010 10:03:00 AM

Policymakers in Boston and Washington love to paint new-economy jobs as an economic panacea, immune to high taxes, staggering electricity costs and bureaucratic regulation. But AIM President Richard C. Lord argues that business costs matter just as much in the new economy as they did in the old. His comments came in a Sunday Boston Globe Op-Ed piece describing AIM's Common Wealth 2010 policy objectives.

High-technology, biotechnology, and clean-technology jobs respond to the same economic influences that determine whether any job will provide economic opportunity to citizens of Massachusetts - or to citizens of Michigan or citizens of China. Innovation remains critical to economic growth, but government must also commit to supporting commercialization and the employment opportunities it will create.

Our economic future depends upon the ability of the Commonwealth to create a favorable business environment across all industries. The alternative is an "invented here, made elsewhere'' economy that provides opportunity for doctoral-level researchers, but leaves other citizens out in the cold.

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