Senate Economic Development Plan has Much to Like

Posted by John Regan on Feb 8, 2010 2:54:00 PM

Massachusetts employers will find plenty to like about the Economic Development Plan filed today by Senate President Therese Murray and Senator Karen Spilka. The bill is long on the kind of common sense management discipline needed to make state government run more like a business. It's an approach that is desperately needed as the Massachusetts economy struggles to recover from the global recession.

Employers should read a summary of the bill posted on AIM's Web site.

The plan contains measures that employers use every day. It creates a process to eliminate state agencies that are no longer needed. It requires the establishment of a performance management system for state officials who work in economic development.  It consolidates agencies and eliminates redundancies. It strengthens the current requirement that agencies seeking to adopt new regulations file a statement showing the impact those regulations will have on small business. And it expands the definition of a small business to include manufacturing companies with fewer than 500 employees.
The ultimate objective is to eliminate miles of red tape for employers who currently confront a complex labyrinth of alphabet-soup bureaucracies when trying to obtain services or information from the commonwealth.

AIM has supported many of the ideas in the bill as part of our Common Wealth agenda to create jobs and economic opportunity in Massachusetts. Common Wealth calls, among other things, for predictable and responsible state fiscal policy:

"We do not ask state government to do anything that every Massachusetts employer or family does not do every day - develop a multi-year budgeting plan, live within your means, reduce expenses during downturns, find efficiencies and develop new and creative ways to deliver services."

AIM commends Senate President Murray and Senator Spilka for working diligently to come up with a bill that appears to "get it right." We look forward to working with the Legislature to finalize a plan that paves the way for economic recovery in the commonwealth.

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