Cahill Calls State Financial Incentives 'Upside-Down'

Posted by Christopher Geehern on Apr 29, 2010 3:18:00 PM

State Treasurer and independent candidate for Governor Timothy Cahill argued today that Massachusetts state government maintains an "upside-down" system of fiscal incentives that punishes conservative financial management and rewards irresponsible spending.

Mr. Cahill told business leaders attending the second of three AIM/Denterlein Worldwide gubernatorial candidate forums that he would stimulate job growth by lowering both corporate and individual taxes.  The commonwealth can cut taxes and maintain services, he said, in much the same way that the school building program overseen by his office has used efficiencies to expand school construction through lean financial times.

"We are not a competitive state when it comes to the cost of doing business ... But not many people on Beacon Hill know that," Mr. Cahill said.

Asked about his status as an independent candidate, Mr. Cahill responded, "The message is that the two-party system is no longer solving our problems. People are fighting from the left and from the right and bickering is not helping the economy, which is the number one concern."

Mr. Cahill opposes the Cape Wind project approved Wednesday by federal regulators on the grounds that it will increase electricity costs for Massachusetts consumers and employers. He believes that resort casinos represent the most reasonable method for extending the gaming that has taken place through the Massachusetts lottery for the past 30 years.

On this issue of controlling health care costs, Mr. Cahill drew a parallel to the Big Dig construction project - when consumers don't know the cost of a service, the price generally increases.

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