Massachusetts Blue Cross CEO Adds Momentum to Health-Cost Control

Posted by Eileen McAnneny on Jan 24, 2011 3:59:00 PM

The push to control health costs in Massachusetts gained significant momentum over the weekend as the chief executive of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts urged hospitals to adopt a new global payment system and warned that providers who hold onto traditional fee-for-service arrangements face level or reduced payments.

Health cost controlBlue Cross President and CEO Andrew Dreyfus, in a letter to hospitals and physician practices reported Sunday in The Boston Globe, noted that “we all know that rising costs continue to threaten the health care that is so important to our community.

“Health care costs are making businesses in Massachusetts less competitive, and limiting their ability to grow. Health care costs are squeezing municipal budgets, taking money from schools and police and fire protection, and health care costs are consuming too much of family incomes, forcing many families to make difficult sacrifices,” Dreyfus wrote.

Dreyfus’ comments came as the Patrick administration prepares to file health cost legislation that is widely expected to institute a payment system under which medical care providers are put on an annual budget and given incentives to control costs and improve care instead of being paid for individual doctor visits and procedures.

Associated Industries of Massachusetts, which has been at the forefront of efforts to resolve the insurance crisis facing employers, applauds Dreyfus’ comments as a constructive step in helping employers suffering with rate increases of up to 40 percent. Employers remain ready to work with lawmakers, doctors, hospitals and insurers to ensure that spiraling health costs do not divert an already tentative economic recovery.

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