AIM Vice President to be Named Secretary of Administration and Finance

Posted by Christopher Geehern on Nov 24, 2014 6:14:00 AM

Governor-Elect Charlie Baker will today name Kristen Lepore, Vice President of Government Affairs at AIM, as the commonwealth’s new Secretary of Administration and Finance.

Lepore2014Lepore will essentially become chief financial officer of the commonwealth with broad authority to formulate the administration’s approach to the state budget and to oversee the day-to-day operations of the executive branch. She will assume responsibility for a sprawling group of agencies ranging from the Department of Revenue to the Division of Capital Access Management and Maintenance.

The appointment was reported last night by The Boston Globe and State House News Service. Baker is himself a former Administration and Finance secretary in the Weld Administration.

“Kristen Lepore is the perfect choice to be Secretary of Administration and Finance in the Baker Administration,” said Richard C. Lord, President and Chief Executive Officer of Associated Industries of Massachusetts.

Lord said Lepore has proven her ability to manage the complex process of developing the state budget, having served as director of fiscal policy at Administration and Finance during the administration of Governor Paul Cellucci. She also brings tremendous management discipline, Lord said, to one of the largest and most important organizations in state government.

“We at Associated Industries of Massachusetts feel a special sense of pride and excitement today that our vice president of government affairs has been selected to become the chief financial officer of the commonwealth. We wish Kristen well in her new role and look forward to working with her on keeping the commonwealth on a firm financial footing,” Lord said.

Lepore joined the AIM Government Affairs team in January 2012 and has led the association’s efforts to control the cost of health care and health insurance for employers. One of the highlights of her work came in 2012 when she helped to secure passage of Massachusetts’ landmark health cost-containment law, which limited increases in medical spending to the growth rate of the overall state economy.

Lepore previously served as deputy chief of staff to Governor Cellucci and as assistant executive director at Massport. She was appointed by President George Bush to serve as the New England regional representative for the U.S. Department of Education.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Suffolk University and a master’s degree in public administration from Suffolk’s Sawyer School of Management.

State law designates the Executive Office for Administration and Finance as the principal agency of the executive department of the government, charged with:

  • Developing, coordinating, administering and controlling the financial policies and programs of the commonwealth;
  • Supervising the organization and conduct of the business affairs of the departments, commissions, offices, boards, divisions, institutions and other agencies within the executive department of the government of the commonwealth; and
  • Developing new policies and programs which will improve the organization, structure, functions, economy, efficiency, procedures, services and administrative practices of all such departments, commissions, offices, boards, divisions, institutions and other agencies.

Administration and Finance includes:

  • The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance;
  • The Department of Revenue
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Fiscal affairs and operational services, which develop policy and standards to govern the conduct of commonwealth secretariats, departments, agencies, boards and commissions in each of these areas.
  • The Civil Service Commission
  • The municipal Personnel Advisory Board
  • The Massachusetts Office on Disability
  • The Retirement Law Commission
  • The Group Insurance Commission
  • The Department of Veterans’ Services

Lepore will remain at AIM through January and assume her new role when Governor-Elect Baker takes the oath of office.


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