Video Blog | Gearing Up to Address the Skills Crisis

Posted by Christopher Geehern on Jan 28, 2019 8:00:00 AM

A key element to addressing the persistent shortage of skilled workers in Massachusetts will be encouraging collaboration among employers, schools, community colleges, universities and training providers to establish a consistent and logical path from learning to employment.

What will those collaborations look like?

They will probably look a lot like one developed last year by AIM member Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston and the Prime Motor Group of Westwood, which operates 70 auto dealerships throughout the US.

Prime had for many years hired graduates of Ben Franklin’s automotive technology program, but last year stepped up its involvement with Prime Scholars, a partnership that provides students both financial aid and the opportunity to get real-world training with one of the region’s largest auto groups.

Topics: Education, Workforce Training, Workforce Shortage

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